How Did Beatles Influenced My Life?

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Beatles legend, Sir James Paul McCartney was asked a series of questions about music and song during an hour long, live conversation about his influences, his education and the art of songwriting at Rollins College in central Florida, U.S.A. on October 23, 2014. {Google the video, if you have an interest in these sorts of things, you won’t be disappointed.} As a kid the musical revolution labelled the ‘British Invasion’ centering mostly on the melodious songs of the Beatles had an incredible influence on me, this impressionable imp. Personally my favourite Beatles song, if I had to choose between my many, would be Blackbird. The Johann Sebastian Bach inspired acoustic pop intro is captivating but the lyrical wonder of “Take these broken wings…show more content…
When the full song hits your ears you are transported to another world, you are somehow caught between the tensions of what was, what is and what could be. This is a song that doesn’t pretend to be anything else in all of its melancholic sincerity and beauty. Similarly, it authenticates to the honest heart that some things in life are painful and broken and no amount of wishful thinking or positivity will change the past or its heartache. In other words, when life is hard, pretending it’s not, is not an option. Pretending doesn’t work.

Try Harder

In Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland, Alice finds herself in the presence of the Queen and she finds out that the Queen is one hundred years, five months and one day old. Alice says, “I can’t believe that you are that old” The Queen says, “My dear yes you can, close your eyes and try harder” Alice says “It is no use I can’t believe the impossible” and the Queen replies, “Nonsense, when I was your age I believed six impossible things before breakfast”.[1]

A lot of Christians think of their faith that way. This might be hard to believe but if I pray a little bit harder, if I go to church more often, if I am a little bit nicer to others, if I read my Bible more regularly, then maybe,
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