How Did Bill Gates And Steve Jobs Change The World

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Essay 4 Research Paper: How Did Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Change the World?
Without innovators, without people daring to take risks and pushing the boundaries, without people trying to move/change the world, society does not progress. Innovators are people that have this crazy idea in their head and go out into this world to make their idea come to life. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had this idea of taking a simple computer software program and turning it into a business that protects everybody’s privacy from hackers. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs instead made something better, and that was Microsoft. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs changed the world.
After about three years in college, Gates decided to make a computer software program company with Steve Jobs. In 1975, Gates dropped out of Harvard just one year before he graduated and went on to form his company. Even though both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs did not graduate from college their personalities and emotions lead themselves towards computers, and its components took them far.
Bill Gates affected a lot of American history through his impact on technology. Bill Gates had a lot of positive and negative criticism during his time working with computers. Bill Gates had his first big major opportunity with computers when he was 14 years of age. “Both Bill Gates parents saw he was doing extremely well in a public school with his grades, so they sent him off to a private school”. In lakeside school was where Bill Gates started to

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