How Did Blacks Help African Americans

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The african americans chose the side they did because one side gave them freedom if they fought for the war that played a big part in the war because they wanted freedom just like the average person the the country to be treated fairly was pretty important to them.
The black slaves played an important part of the war. Most black people did not help americans only 10 to 15 black soldiers and some slaves actually helped fight the british soldiers these men well the ones who lived got rewarded for their loyalty.
Only two men got rewarded Salem,poor &
Peter,salem where the men whom got rewarded.
Finally the declaration of independence did not include slavery so they started to change that about america.
It took too long to start the change
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Peter salem was one of the slaves to fight he was freed by his owner to fight for the right of americans in the revolutionary war. But still he was one of the few black slaves to fight in the war against the british armies and he served seven years at war he was rewarded by the country for his services to the nation. About nine thousand blacks fought on the british side and many more were freed because they helped the british fight the americans. Some blacks helped americans in the war but not a lot of them helped but we still won the war despite the odds we had. Some black people had already been signed up to be a minute man to be ready in a minute to go to battle immediately. The african americans fought at lots of places like the battle of bunker hill, massachusetts, and e.c.s . Some black slaves who with the british armies were guides & messengers and even spies. Some black slaves were with the local armies to defend their homes against the native americans. Some african americans enslaved and even free believed that they would get their freedom and get more rights if they joined the war and helped the british fight. The americans some of them got back from the war but were put back to be slaves even when they were promised freedom from owners and wips and slavery. Five to eight thousand black people had served in the american cause. Most of the black soldiers were assigned to waggoners, cooking and some other
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