How Did Caudillos Juan Manuel de Rosas and Porfirio Diaz, Maintain Political Power?

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How did Caudillos Juan Manuel de Rosas and Porfirio Diaz, maintain political power?

History of the Americas

Mallory Robinson

March 7, 2013

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Summary of Evidence
Porfirio Diaz’s leadership tactics • Diaz was able to manipulate other politicians as well as his surrounding leaders. He created great relationships with regional leaders, reminding them that the growth of Mexico’s economy would also create economic growth for them. [1] • Diaz created peace among the Catholic Church supporters, and opponents. Diaz enforced new laws, reforming church privileges. [2] • In order to boost the economy, Diaz looked to foreign investment. He
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In order to ensure stability, Rosas implemented many changes in the government, including giving more power to the governor, which in turn, saved Rosas job for the future, allowing him to become a tyrant like leader.[14]

Both of these Caudillos illustrate human’s crave for power, and the manipulation, deception, and devilish processes that can be used to maintain this power. We can see both of these men as great leaders, as they thoroughly accomplished what they decided was best. We can also see them as great lessons, teaching us of the dangers of leadership and the risks it often involves.


The view of past and present Caudillos will consistently change with the person the view is from. However, one thing is clear. Juan Manuel de Rosas and Porfirio Diaz were two Caudillos of political excellence, maintaining a long and influential regime. This was accomplished by both, through their personal triumphs over the previous government of their nation as well as a triumph over threatening authorities around and within the nation, such as Diaz regularly jailing those who spoke out against him or his policies. Rosas and Diaz both knew what they wanted and had valid processes in accomplishing this; though the moral values of their actions are up to discussion. This situation is common throughout history, including skilled leaders such as Hitler, Stalin, and Castro. Juan Manuel de Rosas and Porfirio Diaz display
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