How Did Charles Lindbergh Impact On The 1920's

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Charles Lindbergh had a great impact on the 1920’s. Lindbergh had some challenges in his bat, but he fought through them. He had the first solo flight across the Atlantic. Lindbergh has such a great impact during the twenties him flying across the Atlantic made it to where people were able to fly across the world. Charles A. Lindbergh was born on February 4, 1902 in Detroit, Michigan. He was raised on a farm by a congressman and a farmer in Minnesota. Before flying across the Atlantic Lindbergh studied mechanical engineering at the university of Wisconsin. After attending Wisconsin Lindbergh went to Nebraska. In 1923 Lindbergh made his first solo flight in Lincoln, Nebraska. After making his first flight, he became a daredevil. After becoming a daredevil in 1924 Lindbergh was …show more content…

After meeting Anne, Lindbergh met he taught her how to fly a plane. Anne and Charles eventually fell in love and got married in. Once Anne and Charles got married they moved to New Jersey. In 1930 they had their first child Charles Jr. . not long after moving and having their son one night while the Lindbergh’s were sleep someone came in the house and took Charles jr. . They spent many days looking for Charles jr but they just couldn’t find him. After many days of looking for Charles jr they found him but he was found dead in some nearby woods. After finding out about their son and trying to find out who would do something like this they started planning the funeral. As they were planning some photographers broke into the funeral home and took pictures of Charles jr dead. Even though some people had the picture they didn’t publish them . The picture were sold for about five dollars. While trying to Grieve The loss of their son, planning his funeral, and the photographers getting pictures of Charles jr they decided to have him cremated. After making much a big decision like that they decided to pour Charles jr. ashes over the Atlantic

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