How Did Christopher Columbus Impact The New World

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Without Christopher Columbus the people of the world wouldn’t be able to enjoy a lot of the things they can today. Christopher Columbus was a famous navigator and explorer who discovered an island back in October 12, 1492 and is called the Americas. Many people disagree that Columbus had an impact on the New World, but some people do. Columbus had a big impact when he discovered the New World. Columbus broke the isolation between the Americas and Europe. He introduced new ideas and goods such as textiles. If he didn’t do these things who knows how the world would be today.
Some people believe that Christopher Columbus had made the world multicultural when he discovered the New World for the Europeans. Columbus broke the isolation between two
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From all these voyages he discovered many islands in the Caribbean. All of this led to the Columbian Exchange. Columbus was the initiator of the Columbian Exchange. The Columbian Exchange led to the exchange of new items that greatly affected the lives of people throughout the Old and New World. It affected the New World in good ways and bad ways. The Columbian Exchange, exchanged goods, plants, and animals during the colonization of the Americas, it transferred foods all over the world. It was very good because it brought foods that the Europeans have never seen nor heard of (Beck Roger B 500-501). Two of the most important items that were exchanged were corn and potatoes. All these foods helped people live healthier and longer lives, it really boosted the world's population. It also brought a lot of livestock to the Americas such as Horses and Cattle. Many people agree that since the Columbian Exchange happen, it helped the world. Not only did it introduce foods to the Europeans, but also to other places. If this didn’t happen the world wouldn’t have discovered the important foods and Animals so early in
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