How Did Civil War Affect The Fall Of Rome?

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Identification This inquiry will aim to explain the following question; how did civil war effect the fall of Rome? The time period of focus will be between 235 and 476 CE. The location will be Rome, Italy, the Mediterranean Sea, and the surrounding areas once held by the Roman Empire. This investigation will address the following issues; what were the effects of civil war and how these effects contributed to the fall of Rome. This topic is important from a historical standpoint because the fall of Rome transformed Italy and surrounding countries forever. This investigation will accomplish its goals through examination of the causes, effects, and consequences of civil war in relation to the fall of the Roman Empire using information from a variety of sources including books. Evaluation of Sources The book A History of Rome was written in the 1920’s and published in the US. It originated from the research and thoughts of Tenney Frank, a multilingual professor at John Hopkins University. Its purpose was to inform the general public but specifically, people that have an interest in the politics and culture of ancient Rome. He also said that his book is for use in college classes because there was a shortage of books on the topic in his time. It attempts to give a consecutive story rather than paragraphed facts. A value of this source is that it goes in great depth and is very comprehensive. This is valuable because this book contains details not included in other sources. It

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