How Did Civilization Influence Ancient Civilization

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Every ancient civilization has had some measure of an impact on today’s world. Without these cultures, no civilization would be what it is today. They impact our politics, scientific research, our social status, our morals, and the religions we practice. Some of the most influential of these ancient cultures were that of the Greeks, Chinese, Indians, Israelites, and the Persians, all having the greatest and longest lasting impacts. However, of these civilizations the philosophical and religious teachings of both the Israelites and the Greeks have had some of the greatest influences on other civilizations throughout history. The Israelites were most influential when it came to their religious teachings. During this time period, the most dominant religions were polytheistic, meaning having many gods. The aspect of Israelite religion that made is stand out was the fact that this was the first monotheistic religion, meaning there was one god. The core of this religious ideology came from the Hebrew Abraham. When Abraham left the city of Ur in Mesopotamia to pursue the promised land of Palestine, promised to him by God, in what is said to be between 1900 and 1600 BCE. Once settling the population expanded and ventured into more surrounding areas. Some of which supposedly settled in Egypt and were enslaved, later being freed with the help of Moses in approximately 1400 BCE, who returned them to the promised land. Upon returning to Palestine, the Israelites had formed a kingdom.
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