How Did Civilization Influence Western Civilization

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Jordan danielson 10/02/17 World history A Mr. h Western civilizations were greatly influenced by the ancient Greek and roman civilizations. The interesting art and architecture coming from the Greeks the technology and science coming from the Greeks, the strong religion coming from the Romans. These factors all played a big role creating the western civilizations. Many forms of art and architecture came from the Greeks. Many of the different materials and ways of art are still admired and around throughout the world today. The temple, a very important form of art and architecture came from the Greeks before 5 B.C. The temples were dedicated to the gods and goddesses,a very important contribution to the ancient Greeks way of life. Many of the more classical pieces of architecture came from the Athens in 5 B.C. Greek sculptures were usually “nude” and had “relaxed bodies” some would say they were unrealistic or profound. “Classical Greek sculptures did not focus on realism,however, but rather a standard of ideal beauty” (world history, pg.126). This meant that the sculptures did not show what they humans actually looked like, but what the would “prefer” to look like. The new trade routes made the ancient Greek art and architecture flourish (Minoan art). Eventually the art and architecture became a representation of each city-state, every different city state you went to had a different form of the ideal structure containing different patterns and details. The Greeks were
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