How Did Claude Bernard Impact The World

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Claude Bernard was an important, honored, and respected French physiologist. He discovered diabetes mellitus and many other important discoveries. Claude wasn't that smart as a kid nor did he think that he was going to make a huge change in the world today. A little of the backstory on Claude Bernard, and how he has impacted our lives today. Claude was born July 12, 1813. Then died Feb 10 1878, Saint-Julien, France. Claude worked in a laboratory in 1811. In that laboratory is where he had his legendary work. “The constancy of the internal environment is the condition for a free and independent life” (Claude Bernard). Claude has also impacted our lives in many ways. If you ever hear of the word “experimental”. Well Claude thought that whenever doing an experiment you should write down exactly what you are doing. It should be extremely detailed so that if somebody looked at…show more content…
Claude Bernard thought that if somebody else in the future could pick up the piece of paper and do the experiment then they wouldn't have to rediscover it in the future. Claude is a role model for many scientists today. Claude has also been awarded the Copley Medal. “The Copley Medal is the Society’s oldest and most prestigious award. It was first awarded in 1731, 170 years before the first Nobel Prize. It has been awarded to many notable scientists, including Benjamin Franklin, Dorothy Hodgkin, Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin”(Copley Medal). Claude Bernard has discovered many things in his lifetime. What inspired Claude to learn about the inside of the body was his passion for learning about your digestive system. He realized that we need to start cutting into the stomach and figuring out everything that is in our body.
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