How Did Columbus Describe The Landscape Of The New World

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A. COLUMBUS 1. How did Columbus describe the landscape of the New World and its inhabitants? List at least three specific references for each (land and inhabitants). Columbus described the landscape of the New World as extremely fertile to a limitless degree. A world containing many harbors on the coast of the sea and very high mountains. In the story, it states, “Its lands are high, and there are in it very many sierras and very lofty mountains” (p. 16). He also described the landscape as containing many different types of trees that bear fruit. The story states, “There are six or eight kinds of palm, which are a wonder to behold on account of their beautiful variety, but so are the other trees and fruits and plants” (p. 16). Columbus describe the landscape as a perfect place to plant, sow, breed, and build other villages. The story states, “The sierras and mountains… are so lovely and rich for planting and sowing, for breeding cattle of every kind, for building towns and villages” (p. 16). Columbus described the inhabitants as all appearing naked. The story states, “The people of this island, and of all the other islands I have found and of which I have information, all go naked, men and women.” (p. 16). Columbus also described them as having no weapons to defend themselves. The story states, “They have no iron or steel or weapons…” (p. 16). He reported that he showed the Natives a sword and the sword was grasped by its edge. Columbus believed this is due to
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