How Did Contact Between The European Arrivals And The Native Peoples Of The Americas Affect Both Groups?

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Directions: Answers MUST be at least two paragraphs long (eight total sentences of information) and have at least 3-4 sentences of critical thought about the information you present.

How did contact between the European arrivals and the native peoples of the Americas affect both groups?
Europeans brought to the Americas catastrophic diseases that killed millions and decimated native populations, who possessed no immunity to the illnesses. The Europeans also had deliberate policies of subjugation and extermination, by which they brutally tortured or murdered natives due to the Europeans ' history of brutality in war and their consideration of the natives as no more than savages. The Europeans also introduced some beneficial elements. These included important crops such as sugar and bananas, domestic livestock such as cattle and pigs, and the horse. They also taught the natives the Spanish and Portuguese languages, though the natives came to create a large number of dialects that mixed elements of their own language with that of the new Europeans.
In return, the natives put their newly-claimed land to good use by learning appropriate agricultural techniques from the natives. They were introduced to new crops that eventually found their way into the European diet, including but not limited to corn, potatoes, tomatoes, and beans. The Europeans also inter-married with the natives, though this was often without consent of the latter. These pairings created…
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