How Did Cowan's Predecessors Lead And Manage The Organization?

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1. Provide an in-depth summary of the case background. Identify the problems and underlying causes. Identify the stakeholders involved in this case (e.g., nurses’ union, media, clients, etc.). How did Cowan’s predecessors lead and manage the organization? How did his predecessor motivate and lead various stakeholders and what were the ensuing consequences?
In the case that was presented in this week’s case study, the focus was placed on St. Michael’s Health Centre, the CEO of 7 years, Kevin Cowan, and the transformative culture due to a change of leadership styles. Prior to Cowan’s reign as CEO the work environment was hostile, unproductive and combative. The efficiency was at an all-time low and was hemorrhaging money at an accelerated rate. During Cowan’s time at St. Michael’s Health Centre (SMHC), he was able to encourage the repair of broken relationships, raise morale and transformed the business into a working and successful one. The stakeholders involved covers a wide range; the most obvious being the employees of St. Michael’s Health Centre and the customers they serve, but it also influenced the health care unions, Chinook Health Region (CHR) employees, the media and the family and friends of patients being cared by SMHC. With the increase of employee morale, one can also argue that those affected would also reach the family and friends of SMHC’s employees and the community as a whole.
Cowan’s predecessors utilized a management that was aggression and fear based.

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