How Did Dewey Ballantine Overcome Intercultural Communication

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This communication assessment report focuses on analysing the current communication difficulties at Dewey Ballantine, which was caused by intercultural communication shortfalls. The report is commissioned for Dewey Ballantine to identify the various communication issues, and provides the practical recommendations through key discussion points in order to improve the communication circumstances and to handle the further communication management conflicts that may lead to the potential organizational failures. These practical recommendations also help to develop clear communication channel and to provide an opportunity for better understanding of cultural differences and efficient communication to employees and managers at all level within the organization.

Nowadays, it is found that the world is more connected and diverse in accordance with internalization and globalization which means that the world has become the one large village that everyone can communicate without regard to the time, location and cost even in business area. According to the rapid improvement of technologies and the change of time, many organizations have difficult task in relation to the importance of intercultural communication as each member of their organization have their own experiences, values, cultural backgrounds and languages throughout their life which lead them to see and perceive things in various ways. Misinterpretation of cultural differences and the lack of communication conflict

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