How Did/Does the Existence of a Vast Western Frontier Shape America’s Values and Society in the Period 1790-1860?

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During the years 1790-1860 many changes in the nation were occurring in the values of Americans and in their different societies. The vacant, immeasurable land in the western frontier enabled a shift of change from social, political and economic conformity to more individual techniques and beliefs away from governmental traditions imposed more in the east coast of the nation. As different factors forced people to migrate west in the country it changed not only society and values of people in the west but also the east, transforming into a whole new affluent society. As people started to realize the nations grandness and what the property consisted of the rise in nationalism became very dependent on these enlightened ideas and visions.…show more content…
The Industrial Revolution was caused because of the availability of these vast regions of land and this allowed immigrant people to enter the country on mainly the east coast but also the west. As the cities began to fill up and become over populated for what the city was built to handle many more people were either pushed westward or chose to move west out of the unsanitary ways of the cities. The transportation Revolution also began during this time period because of the people’s decision to move west away from strict rules and to less socially bounded societies. As this revolution from handmade work to machine work came over seas with immigrants from Britain to the United States. As more and more people began to settle in the west transportation needed to be available for them to migrate there, that’s why the Iron horse started to become networked. The Iron Horse, the railroad, was created for more seasonally travel in varying weather conditions, cheaper, more efficient, and quicker ways to develop the new unsettled lands in the west therefore connecting the east with the west more readily. As over-population became an issue many people started to move away from mass populated cities and started to head to the open lands in the western frontier. As more people started to move west, they became reliant on farming and domesticating livestock to support their developing economy. This form of work

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