How Did Early European Influence The Development Of Early Modern Politics?

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Renaissance intellectuals, artists, and humanists revived classical motifs, values, models, ideas, and philosophies that glorified humans and made them the measure of all things, and they formulated new ideas and techniques based on these ideas; most remained Christians despite promoting ideas that conflicted with Christian views. The invention of the printing press in the 15th century accelerated the spread of these new ideas, especially north of the Alps. During the Scientific Revolution, Europeans developed new approaches to looking at the natural world, natural philosophers and physicians challenged and scrutinized older scientific and medical systems while developing new ones, and philosophers gave the emerging scientific method a sound foundation with their comprehensive theories. An internal community of natural philosophers dedicated to natural science developed, and the natural philosophers collected and analyzed data about the world.…show more content…
Despite this, many Europeans continued to follow traditional explanations of the natural world, such as witchcraft, magic, alchemy, and astrology. Three trends shaped the development of early modern politics. These were the centralization of power and authority, the trend towards an elite consisting of people distinguished by their talents rather than their family, and the secularization of law and justice. The introduction of new military technology and strategies started a military revolution that promoted state centralization. The military revolution raised the cost of maintaining military power beyond the means of individual lords; it favored monarchs that could increase taxes and spend them on their
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