How Did Edgar Allan Poe Influence His Work?

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Edgar Allan Poe was a good horror, suspense and mystery writer. Poe wrote a lot of short stories and poems. His writing style was unique and, most people think, influenced by the tragedies that happened over the years of his life. On January 19, 1809 Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston Massachusetts. Poe’s legal birth name was Edgar Poe. Poe’s Mother and father were Elizabeth Poe and David Poe Jr. They had three kids named William Henry Lenard Poe, Rosalie Mackenzie Poe and Edgar Poe. David left when Poe was very young and Elizabeth died when Poe was only two. After being separated from his siblings Edgar Poe went to go live with a successful tobacco merchant named John Allan and his wife Frances Allen in Richmond VA. Poe and John Allan never
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