How Did Edgar Allan Poe Influence Modern Literature

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How Poe Influenced Modern Literature
Vastly regarded as father of the short story and founder of genres including macabre, science fiction, and detective fiction, Edgar Allan Poe influenced many, including those alive during his lifetime of 1809-1894 and those beyond. Poe most famously wrote in such a style and genre that individuals amidst his time were unfamiliar with, as said techniques had not yet developed noticeable popularity anywhere, hence causing a greater popularity to surge. Some consider this to be a primary reason for Poe’s later influence on modern literature, however, others believe his influence is to be accredited by his progression of previously unused fictional and nonfictional genres. Poe was not only a poet and writer, but as well a literary critic who was “the most discriminating, philosophical, and fearless critic...who has written in America” (3), and others believe this to be the reason he was so influential. Although, no matter which method one credits Poe’s popularity with, the proof of his influence everlastingly rests with the timelessness of his creations, as seen in the recreations of and appreciations of his work. All together, these factors evoke the question: how did Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories and poems influence modern literature?
Prior to Poe before the nineteenth century, the short story was not yet regarded as a distinct literary form (Hansen 21). There were, however, forms of literature of close resemblance such as prose,

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