How Did Eleanor Roosevelt’s Personal Life Relate to Her Choice of Dedicating Her Life to Helping Others?

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Eleanor Roosevelt was born on the 11th of October 1884 and went on to be one of the most symbolic characters in the history of the United States. She was the eyes and ears of her husband Franklin D. Roosevelt and not only participated in but revolutionized her role as the First lady of America. It is important to understand that the momentous achievements Eleanor Roosevelt accomplished in her lifetime were based on the personal experiences and hardships she had to overcome throughout her life.
Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was born into one of the most prosperous families in New York of her time; however her childhood was anything but prosperous. Eleanor Roosevelt’s mother died when she was eight and her father died from alcohol just two years
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Roosevelt. They were married “at the home of one of Eleanor’s relatives on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, and the bride was escorted down the aisle by then-President Theodore Roosevelt”. ( Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt had 6 children together and five of them lived until adulthood. In 1913 when Franklin D. Roosevelt got a job as the assistant secretary of the U.S navy, Eleanor, who was never a fan of parties and drinking, did more public work and became a very important member of the American Red cross, a benevolent organization designed to help the people in need and provide education. Eleanor Roosevelt’s choice in becoming an active member in the Red Cross proved to be a huge benefit because she helped many soldiers recover during World War Two and perhaps was one of the reasons America succeeded in that war.
Eleanor Roosevelt who had already done so much for her country and the people in need faced yet another shocking problem in 1918.In 1918, Eleanor Roosevelt found out about her husband’s affair with her own social secretary, Lucy Mercer Rutherfurd, this dismayed Eleanor and she wanted to get a
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