How Did Emily Bronte Change Wuthering Heights

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For this summer assignment I have chosen to read, “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte.
Choosing Wuthering Heights was one of the more challenging steps to the reading assignment. When reading older novels, I find that the plotline is very interesting but it has a lengthy development. When choosing from a selected list, starting with the female writers is my first step. With female writers I find I can get a better perspective of the characters. When I looked up the summary of this book, I saw that there was a romance that was going to be developed between two of the main characters. This is what overall made me pick this book, because when a novel has a love story it makes me enjoy it just a little more.
I found the organization of the book
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One thing that struck me was the abuse to Heathcliff at home. This took place once Mr. Earnshaw had died, and once Hindley Earnshaw became the owner of the home. Bitter hatred for Heathcliff due to the past favoritism by his father, made Hindley abusive to Heathcliff as revenge. I hear all the time about people that go through similar aspects of this part of the book. Abuse in the home is a serious problem in our society and I feel that this represents that. A person (Heathcliff), was abused because of a reason they could not control (Favoritism.) Showing what people go through can help bring awareness to the problem and help the fight to end abuse.
To finish this letter I want to give you my personal reaction to the novel. I found “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte to be a really good novel for its time. The characters were very interesting and vivid in their description. Having the same point of view to look at the background of the family made it easier to make my own thoughts on the characters. Even though I enjoyed the plotline of the book one thing I would change is the length. It was a bit long for my taste and I would make the book a bit shorter. Overall, I enjoyed the book and I can’t wait to be in you class this
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