How Did England Change During The Reign Of Henry Viii

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How did England change during the reign of Henry VIII? The reign of the Tudors control over England lasted a total of 118 years, starting with Henry VII in 1485 and finishing with the death of Elizabeth I in 1603 who had no heir to the throne [1]. A lot of the change, to make or become different[2], accounted for during this period was due to Henry VIII and his hard headed approach to politics and religion and his passion to be remembered as a warrior and famous king. Henry VIII is famous for having six wives, however in order to achieve this he had to make colossal modifications to the countries religion and other aspects of life. Henry VIII and his father Henry VII differed enormously, they had completely different personalities and aims for their reign as King, Henry VII turned the country into a peaceful kingdom free from foreign and domestic issues, however Henry VIII reverted this work and in doing so had spent most of the money his father had left him with, whilst also reducing the overall income of the crown and treasury. Henry VII To know how England changed during Henry VIII’s reign we must first look at what it was like before he gained control, when his father Henry VII was in power. Henry VII had a weak claim to the throne from his mother Margaret Beaufont however the claim that Margaret held was only legitimised on condition that no descendant ever use it, therefore Henry VII in fact had no claim to the throne[3]. Henry VII claimed the throne after a victory
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