How Did Ernest Hemingway Influence His Work

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Ernest Hemingway was a man greatly known worldwide. From his first novel to his last, the influence his work has on not only American Literature, but people all around the nation is unreal. Not even the uppermost words can do him justice. Ernest Hemingway’s life affected the writing style he used in all of his pieces of work. He went from writing for a school newspaper to working for Kansas City Star, a newspaper in Kansas. After writing for a newspaper, Hemingway joined the military which would later influence the way he describes some of his experiences. Ernest Miller Hemingway was born July 21, 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois. He has one brother and four sisters. His mother Grace Hemingway was known for being an influence on women. She…show more content…
On the site, there were bits and pieces of people, limbs strayed everywhere from being blown off of their bodies. Ernest saw 5 wars and was first wounded at eighteen years old. He was among the first Americans to enter Paris. He also survived 4 automobile accidents and 2 plane crashes. Because of having to clean up flesh and experience what he experienced, his writing about the war would be very details and specific. During the next war he volunteered in, Hemingway was manning a relief station. He was to run supplies in the middle of the night to people which resulted in being hit by shrapnel which severely wounded his legs and head. During the war, Ernest worked for a magazine, Toronto Star, where he would report all that he was allowed about the way. By doing this, his writings would benefit. After leaving the Army, Hemingway volunteered on a Navy boat to hunt for German submarines. Later that year, even though he never fired a shot, but he receives a Bronze Star for his service. All in all, Ernest was present for 5 wars including: The Greek army’s retreat from Constantinople, the Spanish Civil War, the Sino-Japanese war, World War II, and the Invasion of Normandy (Koster pg. 17 and pg. 22; Shmoop Editorial Team. Web; Oliver pg.
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