How Did F Scott Fitzgerald Write The Great Gatsby

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F. Scott Fitzgerald was one of the greatest writers in the 1920s. Not only is he one of the greatest writers of this time, but he is also one of the most known. Many people know about him and some of the work that he has done. Some of his books are used in school in today's world. Most people have at least heard about one of the books that he has written. His books are very popular. Most if not all of his books were successful. But some were more successful than others. Fitzgerald was famous for writing. He was an author of several novels. The first novel to make him famous was called The Side of Paradise. Some other books he wrote were The Great Gatsby, My Lost City, The Beautiful and Damned, and Tender in the Night. But he is mostly known for writing The Great Gatsby. Not only did he write novels but he wrote a few short stories. A few short stories that he wrote are “May Day”, “The Diamond as Big as the…show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald was born on September 24th, 1896 in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He was married to Zelda Fitzgerald, from 1920 and 1940. They had a daughter on October 26th, 1921. Their daughter's name was Frances Scott Fitzgerald. When he was 13 he went to St. Paul Academy. Then when he was 15 he went to the Newman School. He then attended Princeton University, until he flunked out. Once he flunked out he joined the army. After the war ended he went back to writing. He died December 21st, 1940 in Hollywood, California from a heart attack. There were some interesting things about F. Scott Fitzgerald. He was named after his famous ancestor, Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald who wrote “The Star Spangled Banner.” He was a bad student, he barely had passing grades. Some people think that he may have had dyslexia, he was a poor speller. Later on in life he became a heavy drinker, and his wife had several mental breakdowns. Although he was a drinker, he only wrote when he was sober. He kept record of his life and career. Also he died in the middle of writing a
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