How Did Fdr Save America?

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Bailey Gilbert
Mrs. Coker
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29 February 2016
How Would FDR Save America? Franklin Delano Roosevelt has been remembered over the years for numerous reasons. Many believe he changed the American way of viewing society during his long, stressful presidency. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first president to speak on national television. Roosevelt served as president longer than any other president who has taken office. Not only did Roosevelt manage to survive the Great Depression but also World War II. When thoroughly analyzing Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency, one may think of each term separately along with the numerous deals and programs that fell behind each individual term. When Franklin D. Roosevelt took office during the Great Depression, he knew that his presidency would have to accomplish things the American people never thought would happen. Roosevelt wanted to achieve three things during the First New Deal: relief, reform, and recovery (Lapsansky-Werner, Emma, et al. 286). There was no time to waste when Roosevelt took office because he was taking on America’s number one problem, the banking system. Franklin D. Roosevelt eventually convinced Congress to pass the Emergency Banking Bill, which allowed the president to declare a four-day holiday for banks. The Emergency Banking Bill forced banks all over the United States to close. This four-day holiday gave the banks time to reorganize all their accounts (287). The bill achieved the number one goal of…

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