How Did Galileo Use The Telescope

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Galileo was one of those scientist that studies about our planets in the solar system. When he wanted to look to view the sky or the universe he used a telescope for himself and other people so they can be able to see what's it like up in the sky. But he was not the first person who invented the telescope the real person who made the telescope is Lippershey. Galileo is giving his invention an little upgrade to his invention that he could use it for his studies.Galileo as finished with the is new version with the telescope when he used his fully new modified telescope he was blown away with his newest creation. He was stunned when he looking at planets. Also he was keeping a journal to himself to record data that he studies in his new telescope…show more content…
He has famous paintings the they sent to different museums all over the world for example France. When he was doing his artwork he was being creative and coming up with great ideas of how he would like to make his art. He is talented with the piece of work that he has created for his passing years of art.When his painting are in display in a museum they are important because he gives education to other Renaissance. There are one artist that's relates to Sandro art is named Girolamo Savonarola. Savonarola was a Dominican friar and puritan fanatic, and he became moral dictator of the city of Florence when the Medici were temporarily driven out from 1494. He was sent to Florence in originally a dozen years before, he made reputation for the austerity and learning, and he became prior. Sandro has meet with different artist that haves the same inspiration like him.When Sandro was under the protection of the Medici, and he was inspired and has created some of an entirely new genre of art. Many people loved his art work they are displayed in different galleries all over the world for different from around the world to view his work from different
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