How Did Gender Bias Impact The Scientific Perception Of Marie Curie

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Marie Curie is famously known to be one of the first women known to make very large contributions to science, and known as a distinguishable woman for receiving two Nobel Peace Prizes. However, looking past, her gender, her achievements as a scientist, not a female scientist, were remarkable. Today radium is most commonly known for its use to treat specific types of cancer. This remarkable treatment can be attributed to Marie Curie, yet still she known to be the “accomplished female scientist”. Gender bias signifantly affects the scientific perception Marie Curie. This investigation will analyze how society undermined and ignored Curie’s distinguishable scientific discoveries and will in depth investigate To what extent did gender bias…show more content…
However, the relationship of Pierre and Marie completely juxtaposed this social norm of the era. They worked furiously to isolate polonium and radium and when they were successful credit was given mainly to Pierre. Originally the Nobel Peace Prize was supposed to be awarded to Henry Becquerel and Pierre Curie in 1903. Marie Curie would not be credited because it was viewed by the public that she only “assisted” Pierre with “his” experiments. Pierre did not like to be recognized for his work, but insisted that Marie be credited and be a recipient of the prize which made Marie Curie the first female recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Tragically, in 1905 Pierre was killed by a truck. This left Marie as a single parent with three children. In her autobiographical notes of Pierre’s biography, she states “I have been frequently questioned, especially by women, how could I reconcile family life with a scientific career”. Eventually, she takes on Pierre’s full time job as the Professor general of Physics at Sorbonne. She continued her studies of radium, focusing on radioactivity which resulted in her win of a second Nobel Peace Prize in 1911. However, despite her high achievements she is was denied membership to the French Academy of Sciences because of her gender. Among the people that denied her membership were some of her past teachers. Her

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