How Did Geography Affect Civilization's Development

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Amid the times of 3500 BC to 2500 BC, the geography of a land frequently affected a civilization's development in great measures. Contingent upon the assets accessible or the burdens display because of certain geological attributes like rivers or deserts, a civilization could thrive or fall. By concentrating on the geographic highlights of developing societies like the Nile River, Eastern Desert, and Western Desert. Amid its times of advancement, particularly around in 3500, the ancient land of Egypt was found in different landmasses, these mainlands being Europe, Asia, and Africa. It was isolated into various divisions, fundamentally land, there being four noteworthy physical geographic segments. The first was water-based, the Nile Valley and Delta, the second two were…show more content…
Another thing is if the flood is very little the plants don’t get the nutrients it needs. According to Egyptians History it said, “So because of the Mediterranean Sea we have Alexandria and we also have trade and connections.” The sea was essential for transportation, particularly of merchandise like wood from the close East and copper from Cyprus. Egypt was a constrained nation and they needed to import numerous things. A wide range of tribes used the sea to come to Egypt, similar to the Hittites, Persians, Greek and Romans. Grains went out, and gold and products came in. The Mediterranean took into consideration for extensive trade, which was great for the Egyptian economy. It additionally gave occupations like sailors and fishermen. As you can see, the Nile river was the Egyptian highway, which provided transportation for people and products and the supplements that the crops needed, the seas provided jobs and another way to communicate and trade with father civilization, and the deserts on either side of the Nile river valley provided a "defensive" barrier around Egypt preventing invasion or at least making it extremely difficult. All in all, the geography had impacted the Egyptians
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