How Did Henry Ford Assembly Line Impact The World

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The Henry Ford Assembly line, it was invented in the year 1913. Henry Ford installed the first moving assembly line for the mass production of an entire automobile, the model T. His innovation reduced the time it took to build a car from more than a half a day to make a single car, to about 2 hours. He believed that there was certain principle in order to better his production, which was interchangeable parts, continuous flow, the division of labor, and reducing wasted effort.Using interchangeable parts meant making the individual pieces of the car the exact same as the next car, which helped make things faster due to the less confusion of which piece is which.Therefore, it was able to open the job market, by allowing low-skilled workers to work besides special-skilled workers which lead to improving the flow of the work. Due to the fact, the next step couldn't be complete without the previous step. So Ford divided the labor by breaking the assembly of the car into separate parts and there was a worker there to do his/her…show more content…
Almost every product/ item we have has gone through one or more assembly line. This invention has greatly impacted the world as a whole therefore I believe that without the invention of the assembly line our lives would be extremely different. Mainly because we would not have such a variety of products to choose from because production would be so much slower. With a slower production rate everything would be extremely one of the same. As we have improved our assembly lines, we have been able to customize products to the customers likely with the help of improved technology. In conclusion, I believe the Henry Ford assembly line, has made a significant impact on our society today. I don't think we would be any where close to the recent advances we have made in medicine, business, etc without the invention of the assembly
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