How Did Hitler Dehumanize The Holocaust

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Hitler and the Nazis used propaganda to suppress the Jews’ freedoms and human rights. Films portrayed Germans as powerful and mighty while showing the Jews to be “subhuman creatures” (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum 1). German newspapers portrayed Jews in their cartoons as anti semitic caricatures while radios played Hitler’s manipulative speeches all over Germany. By dehumanizing Jewish people through propaganda, Hitler was able to encourage Germans to support the Nazis and look down on the Jews. Without propaganda, less people would have been motivated to support Hitler. Since a majority of Germans supported Hitler, they did not contradict how the Nazi party treated the Jews. At first, the Nazis took away smaller rights from the…show more content…
For instance, the Nuremberg Laws sought to annihilate the Jews from German society. Discrimination against the Jewish population increased. Jews were forced to live in ghettos and poor neighborhoods, had little to eat, and had to work hard jobs. Even after stripping so much from the Jews, the Nazis took it a step further and moved the Jews to concentration camps to murder them. Eventually, the Jews had no rights or freedom and were forced to submit to the devastating lives that the Nazis placed them in. The Treaty of Versailles left Germany extremely vulnerable to invasion, making them scared and searching for a leader. Many Germans disagreed with the treaty because it weakened their country. Hitler despised the Treaty of Versailles because he wanted Germany to be in power again. His anger towards the treaty motivated him to strive for power. In order to rise to power, he manipulated people by reminding them of propositions of the treaty that they disagreed with and promising to change…show more content…
Many Germans blamed the treaty for their depression and supported Hitler since he blamed the treaty and promised a better future. Over time, people continued to agree with Hitler and his plans for Germany, especially after he became the leader of the Nazis. Since the Germans disliked the Treaty of Versailles, Hitler promised that he would change things to make life more ideal. As a result, more Germans supported him and the Nazi party grew. If it wasn’t for the treaty sparking such unhappiness and anger, less people would turn to Hitler for help. Hitler used the treaty to his advantage to get more Germans to support
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