How Did Hitler Get To Power

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Austrian-born in 1889, Adolf Hitler was a combatant of World War I. During the time of peace between World War I and World War II, the peace imposed on Germany antagonized Hitler. Thus, he sought to reverse the peace that humiliated Germany. Using fear and intimidation, Hitler consolidated and maintained his power.
The importance of the information gained here is that it portrays what Hitler did before he gained political power and how he kept it once he obtained it. Prior to Jack’s time in power, he was a hunter, killing for the survival of himself and the group. Likewise, Hitler was a Warfighter before he came into power. Incidentally, both of them used intimidation and fear to keep their power once they got it.
The leader of the National
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Hitler's surrender is similar to Jack's surrender to the naval officer. Moreover, the Allies overwhelmed the Axis Powers, forcing Hitler to surrender. Incidentally, Jack did not challenge the naval officer, but it's very improbable that a group of boys would defeat an armed adult. Additionally, it is probable that the naval officer's ship has other crew mates and weapons. At any rate, Jack relinquished his control of the island after his emotions overwhelmed him and the naval officer took him off the…show more content…
Nazism and Jack’s government both have fascist qualities, and both governments discriminate against certain people. Additionally, both were willing to eliminate those who were antonymous to them.
Devised by Anton Drexler, Nazism is a form of fascism based on racism and antisemitism. The philosophy and ideology of Nazism is that Germans are superior to all other races. Additionally, Germany is the only country that has employed Nazism; however, there are groups in other countries that use modified versions of Nazism such as the American Nazi Party, the Arrow Cross Party, etc.
There is great importance in knowing the philosophy of Nazism, the person who created it, other groups that have used it, and the government archetype that it utilizes. Particularly, Jack desired for his faction to be superior to Ralph’s, which relates to the philosophy of Nazism when faction replaces race. Furthermore, Jack’s government is synonymous to a fascist government, controlling all political power and controlling the social and cultural aspects of his subjects, turning them all to savages who follow his orders or face the
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