How Did Hitler Use Language In Ww2

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The Use of Language in World War II Caitlyn OHaire Baker College of Muskegon November 11, 2015 Throughout human history, language has been used to bring together societies, cultures, and religions for a common purpose. As time passes, it becomes clearer how the structure and delivery of words and phrases were used to fulfill the agendas of the different countries and their leaders. Specifically, during World War II language was used as a tool to motivate and manipulate, and through Hitler’s orator skills, the use of wartime propaganda, and the strategy used to develop the Navajo Code Talkers, its use played a vital role in the shaping of our history. Hitler is referred to as one of the greatest orators in history, which is supported by his ability…show more content…
This resulted in an additional 200 words, which brought the total number of terms in the code to 411. After becoming fluent in this newly created war-time language, “Navajo code talkers participated from 1942 until 1945 in numerous battles in the Pacific, including Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, Peleliu, and Tarawa,” and played a vital role in the Allied success in the Pacific regions at the end of the war, (Rosenberg, J. 2015). As you can see, the use language was of great value to Hitler and to the United States during WWII. Through Hitler’s orating techniques, he was able to use the structure and delivery of language to gain support from a nation in order to carry out his race war. Similarly, though with obviously different motives, the strategy behind use of language in wartime propaganda in the United States generated patriotic support throughout the nation for the war and the United States’ role in it. Finally, the weaving of the Navajo language with military terminology illustrates how important the variety of language can
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