How Did Hitler's Actions Contribute To The Holocaust

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After evaluating the Nazis’ actions in detail, it is clear to see why they are recognized by most people as the worst people to ever live. They killed over eleven million people in the Holocaust, with six million of them being Jews ( To give some perspective, this was two-thirds of the European Jews ( Besides just killing many people, the Nazis also forced prisoners of concentration camps to work until they died, and regularly tortured them. Prior to killing the Jews, the Nazis also took away all their rights and forced them into horrible living conditions. They also largely contributed to a massive war, filled with bloodshed, who’s European front started as a result of their spiteful actions to undo the Treaty of Versailles. While, this treaty was very harsh, it did not constitute a massive European war. For these many reasons and more, the Nazis, and especially Hitler himself, are often recognized as the worst people to ever live. Aside from the just the Holocaust itself, the Nazis are known for committing war…show more content…
Hitler and his propagandists placed a large focus on creating an image. He did not only kill eleven million people, he publicized it and created a fearsome image of himself and Germany, through his speeches, propaganda, and symbolism such as the Swastika. To this day, the Swastika is seen only as a representation of pure evil, instantly serves as a reminder of the Holocaust. The Japanese, however, did not create such an image for themselves. They were not focused on publicizing their actions, they simply did what they wanted to, killing millions and largely taking over China (for a period of time). The Soviet Union did have propaganda and a stronger image than the Japanese, but still did not focus on it like the Nazis did, especially since the situation in the Soviet Union was much different than it was for the Nazis or
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