How Did Hugo Chaives Start A French Democracy

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VENEZUELAN IMMIGRANTS IN COLOMBIA A NEW HARSH REALITY BY: Iván Manzano Venezuela had always been a wealthy country in which people had a great life and everything they could ask for. They had a dictatorship hidden behind a democratic institution in control of the ex-president Hugo Chaves, which people thought was a good government because they had it all. But all these changed when Chaves passed away and, actual president, Nicolas Maduro came to power. He established a socialist dictatorship which has been prejudicial to the country’s economy and people. Since his rise to power, many multinational franchises have been leaving the country because of its no-profit structure. Markets don’t get enough goods, which made people upset and even angry. Prices raised in such a way that people couldn’t buy food for their families with the money they made. So, the people…show more content…
According to the New York Times, Colombian and Venezuelan people are fleeing their country passing through the Táchira River in Cucuta. They have been crossing with their personal possessions while being watched by armed soldiers. People have been lining up “to cross what was once a busy international bridge now under military lockdown, dragging roller suitcases while their children shoulder school backpacks.” Since then, Maduro has set a lock down on the border to prevent people to migrate towards Colombia. According to the NYT more than 1,000 people have been deported to Venezuela. Although many people have been accepted into Colombia, they couldn’t fulfill their “dream” of getting better jobs and better opportunities. Because of this, the crime and insecurity rate on the departments near the border has risen. Although many of the immigrants have gotten a job, they are under payed and don’t get the same as a Colombian could get. This is a clear look of how discrimination is still on our society, hidden but still
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