How Did Hydrofruit Recruit Illegal Immigrants

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Hydrofruit hires illegal immigrants and is brings negative effects such as bankruptcy. The company’s goal is to produce profits. To meet the company’s goal, Hydrofruit met only the minimum legal requirements and hired illegal immigrants. The law has been passed to ensure that employers are not hiring illegal immigrants. However, because no Americans were willing to work in agricultural environment, hiring illegal immigrants was needed to the company. Whether Dillon proceeds with finalizing the $65 million equity investment into Hydrofruit has risk to be bankrupt. First solution is keep hiring illegal immigrants. In fact, Most Americans are not willing to work in agricultural environment but many Latin Americans do. There will be no worker…show more content…
The company does not bother about punishable. Company will face difficult time due to shortage of workforce. Alternatively, the company can apply mechanization. If Dillon was to finalize a capital investment of $65 million in Hydrofruit, the company is able to adopt mechanization. Harvest mechanization can reduce labor use and can also reduce labor costs. The con is workforce is still needed and the company will face to shortage of workforce. And Dillon many cannot withdraw investment funds if the company cannot hire legal workforce or the company’s business cannot be recovered. The recommendation is Dillon should proceed with finalizing the $65 million equity investment into Hydrofruit. The company’s business status is fine and it has low risk to get caught. Even though the company is not different from many other companies, it meets the goal of the company which is to produce profits. What Dillon and the company currently should do is keeping status quo. And whatever the company’s goal, Dillon, as investor, should withdraw how much he invested. It is best to produce profits. However, the company eventually should reduce illegal employees and applies mechanization instead of hiring illegal immigrants. The company has to terminate illegal employees except minimum or competent, and it needs to invest for buying and operating machines. Hire professional of machines and let them train
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