How Did Imperialism Effect The Areas Of Africa, China, And India?

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Effects of Imperialism How did imperialism effect the areas of Africa, China, and India? Imperialism is the act of a strong nation overtaking a smaller, weaker nation. There are many reasons why imperialism occurs, including motives from an economic standpoint, as well as just a way to show and achieve power. There were both positive and negative effects to imperialism, with the loss of many original citizens, but gaining different ways of life through cultural diffusion. For instance, many European methods of education were adopted, and the studies of liberty and democracy led to the Enlightment, as well as many political revolutions. Africa faced aggressive imperialist efforts from the Europeans, including diplomatic pressures as well as military invasions. This push for imperialism by the Europeans into Africa was brought on by economic, political, and social factors. After the collapse of the slave trade and all of its profitability, it made the demand for sources of raw materials something that needed to be acquired. There was also a need to search for investment opportunities, as well as a stable market. This made the economic motives the primary need to push into Africa. However, there was also competition between Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, and Spain to gain power within politics. One way to gain power within this competition was through the acquisition of territories, hence another reason to push for Africa. Socially, due to the
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