How Did Japan Attack On Pearl Harbor

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The pearl harbour attack happen on December 7 1941 japan launched a surprised attack on the U.S naval base in pearl harbour in Hawaii. After two hours of japan bombing the naval base more than 2,400 soldiers were dead, 21 ship were destroyed or damaged and more than 188 air craft were destroyed. The attack on pearl harbour made the U.S to abended its policy of isolationism which is an old US foreign policy of avoiding international problems. The reason why japan attack was because japan wanted to expand their land more but the U.S placed an embargo on them in hopes to stop japans aggressions but the negations did not go well. Japans planed very carefully because their plan was very risky and the success of the plan counted on the surprise attack. On November 1941 vice…show more content…
Suddenly explosions started many of the men were shocked by the loud booms, the pillars of smoke and the low-flying enemy aircraft and came to relished that this was not a training drill. But many acted quickly to fight back within five minutes of the attack. Many gunners reached their anti-aircraft guns and started to shott down japans planes. At 8:00 am the admiral in charge of pearl harbour sent out a message to all U.S. naval fleet saying ‘’air radio on pearl harbour X this is not a drill’’. At 9:45 am just under two hours of the battle japan planes left pearl harbour and at 12:14 the planes landed on the aircrafts and japan turned and headed home. At the end of the battle 2,335 servicemen were killed and 1,143 were injured and japan managed to destroy 188 aircraft and damaged 159. At 12:30 on the 8 of December 1914 President Franklin gave a speech during the speech he declared that December 7 1941 was "a date that will live in infamy." After the speech he ask the congress to declare war everyone but one voted that thy should declared war that is how the U.S, got into World War 2.A newspaper article came out the next day about the attack on pearl harbour and the head line was ‘U.S declares
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