How Did Jazz Dance And Jazz Music

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In this essay I will be discussing how dance has a close relationship with early jazz music. I will be mentioning dances such as the Charleston and Lindy Hop from the 1920s to the 1940’s, along with jazz dancers such as Jack Cole.
Jazz dancing developed alongside jazz music in New Orleans. Beginning in the 1930’s onto the 1960’s jazz dancing transformed from the vernacular form to a theatre based performance form that used trained dancers. Choreographers from modern dance and ballet began to experiment with jazz dancing and began to incorporate it into their dances, some of these include jack Cole, George Balanchine and Bob Fosse. From here jazz dancing was influenced by choreographers as they required highly trained dances to perform their dances which were greatly different from the colloquial dancing of New Orleans in the 1990’s. Jazz dancing to this day is still extremely popular dance form, many dancers flock to New Orleans and Louisiana as the city has such a connection with the music.
In the 1920’s the jazz era was starting and was in some
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Rhythm tap focuses on musicality and practitioner’s conceder themselves part of the jazz tradition. Tap dancers dance to rhythmical jazz music, they tap out of beat of the music that to create a percussive sound. Some of the well known dancers are Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. Jazz tap dancing began as a form of expressing jazz music as the dancers emphasised the music.
The jazz fox-trot was one of the most popular dances of this time. Jazz music at this time was either called “sweet” or “hot”. Sweet jazz had a slow tempo and a rich sound. Whereas hot jazz had a much faster tempo and had a much jazzier feel to it. Because the two of these types of jazz were so different they were very popular. When people danced to sweet jazz it was called the slow foxtrot and when they danced to hot jazz it could be called one step or just fox

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