How Did Jj Thomson Develop

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J.J. Thompson was born in Cheetham Hill, Manchester on the date December 18th 1856. His death was on August 30th 1940 in Cambridge UK at the age of 83. He was born to Emma Swindells and Joseph James Sr and had a brother named Frederick Vernon Thomson. When he became old enough he went off and fathered 2 children, a son and a daughter. When I found out he was British I became even more into the research. Their accent and way of life is very intriguing to me. Also, I wonder if it was the same when he was around as it is now. By this i mean are their cultural values still the same, have they progressed? And would he be proud of what the U.K. has become. Although there are a lot of people from there obviously, that fact still made my research
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