How Did Joane Pim Use Brenthurst Arm Hospital?

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The Oppenheimer’s moved into ‘Little Brenthurst’ during World War II and allowed the Red Cross to use Brenthurst as a 50-bed hospital, called Brenthurst Auxiliary Hospital. Brenthurst Auxiliary Hospital treated hundreds of patients from the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Dr Jack Penn pioneered new method’s of treatment at the hospital and established Africa’s first centre for plastic surgery.
In 1959 Harry and Bridget Oppenheimer commissioned Joane Pim to redesign the garden. She redesigned the terracing and made the garden easily accessible for the first time in its history. Dick Scott took over five years ago in 1974, when Joane Pim died, and he is still here today. One of his projects is to develop the wild garden. I quote, “encouraging
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