How Did John Locke Influence The Constitution

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Thomas Hobbes and John Locke are two of most important philosophers whose writing have had a major impact on Farmers of the U.s Constitution. Even though both Hobbes and Locked were well known for their social contracts and natural law theories, they both have very different approaches to the where they stand and their conclusion in several laws of nature. Thomas Hobbes was an English philosopher from Malmesbury while John Locke was from Wrighton, Somerset. John Locke, view on natural laws and the human nature was quite simple his philosophy states that all humans must simple live by the natural law. His approach was based on ethics and not obligation, it is an individual’s right to preserve themselves to reach his own good, and as well have the opportunity as they wish. Locke believed that the humans was happy for the most part that there is peace in the heart…show more content…
One of his most important views and one of the most well know and still followed by the government is the separation of powers sating that one branch cannot have all the power. The three branches are judicial, Legislative and the Executive branch being used in our government today. This was done through the system of checks and balances giving each branch the power o over right if any of them commit and injustice. Another influence left behind by Locke is that all humans need basic rights the once we are naturally born with such as life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happies. Hobbes impact of his philosophy was seen in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Hobbes believed that all men deserved equality, he writes about not once single person must have more than another providing a foundation of equality in government. Yet this view help create the fourteen amendment, stopping any issue that denied a person under the
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