How Did Joseph Contribute To Ancient Egypt

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Approximately 4000 B.C.E. an imposing civilization was forming long the Nile River. Many years later, Joseph would be sold into captivity by his brothers and be taken to the land of Egypt. There he rose to prominence in the kingdom and was second in power to Pharaoh. Joseph, being one of the sons of Israel, would save his father, brothers, all the Hebrews and the Egyptians from famine. In time, the Hebrews were made slaves by the Egyptians. Moses, a Levite baby, was adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter. As such, Moses would have had access to great wealth and education.

Most likely, Moses was exposed to the gods and idols of Egypt. The Pharaoh thought himself to be a god. However, Moses evidently grew up knowing he was born a Hebrew. The Bible
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