How Did Joseph Priestley Cause Of Mental Illness

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Joseph Priestley was born March 24, 1773 and died February 6, 1804. Joseph was born in West Yorkshire New England. He was the oldest of 6 children, and his parents were Mary Swift and Jonas Priestley. Around the age of 7, Joseph was sent to live with his aunt. He was very intelligent and by the age of 4 he could recite all 107 questions and answers from the book Westminster Shorter Catechism.

His aunt intended for him to go into ministry work, and sent him to Daventry Academy for his education. He was able to skip the first two years of school, because of his genius. During his youth his native language was English, but he also learned Greek, Latin, and Hebrew. When Joseph was 16, he became very ill and even believed he was dying.
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It works by entering the blood by diffusion from the alveoli while it is being inhale, but it doesn’t mix with the haemoglobin. Then, it moves quickly into the cells including synapse ends in the brain. Because of nitrous oxide’s stability, it is not metabolized. Once the inhalation is cut off, it is eliminated by diffusion out of the lungs.

In the case of medical care, nitrous oxygen mixed with oxygen prevents pain. Some side effects include mild hysteria, slower heart rate, and lack of oxygen which can cause death, and, if used regularly, it can also cause neurotoxic damage. One of the advantages to using nitrous oxide is no one is allergic to it.

When nitrous oxide is used in cars and rockets, it vaporizes, causing a significant cooling effect on the intake air. You increase the density of the air when the intake air pressure is reduced. This provides even more oxygen in the cylinder which is a good thing.

When nitrous oxide is let off into the atmosphere, it attacks the ozone layer, which protects us from the sun’s UV rays. The UV rays then go through the holes in the ozone and if the rays touch people’s skin, it will cause skin
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