How Did King Use Repetition In 100 Years Later Speech

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Notes Repetition “100 years later” “Now is the time” “I have a dream” He used past, present and future examples. He talked from experience, not just research/knowledge. He enficiced the words that were more necessary. He not only stated where the nation was, but where he wanted to see if go. Take notes as you listen, so you can answer if Reverend King's speech has: 1. A hook that captures your intention. I think that the way he talked was very intriguing and made me want to continue listening. I also think that the way he projected his voice was very powerful, I could tell that he truly cared about what he was talking about and that he knew what he was talking about. 2. A clear theme. (What is it, specifically?) Throughout the whole speech he …show more content…

I loved how he went back in time and stated how even after 100 years of slavery ended we are still having problems with racial equality. He also choose to use repetition in his speech which really helped him embed a strong clear message in the people's head. Some of the short phrase he kept repeating are: “100 years later.” “Now is the time.” “I have a dream.” 4. A call to action? (What is it?) I think that one of his main call to actions is because he didn't want his children (and any other children) to grow up in a place where they can't do certain things because of the color of their skin. What is the biggest difference between a thematic and symbolic political speech like MLK's and a TED talk like West's? Which type of speech are you more likely to give and why? I think that if you want a more informative speech I would suggest watching a TED talk, but if you want a more life-changing speech I would watch MLK’s speech. I think that I would be more likely to give a speech like MLK’s because while he did include facts in his speech, there was also a ton of

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