How Did Latin American Culture Develop

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The term 'Latin America' encompasses not only South and Central America but the Caribbean also. The many different ethnicities and cultures present in Latin American music make it diverse and hard to categorise.Latinos have helped bring these sounds to U.S. audiences, and -- just like European Americans and African Americans -- they have contributed new musical flavors that sprang from their experiences on U.S. soil. Music in the 1940s was only broadcast through radio and TV. Latin American music is mainly influenced in Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco, but each city express the music in their own way.
By the 1920s Los Angeles was booming in Latin music with recording and live performances by Latino artists from the Southwest, New York and the Caribbean. The styles of music that they had in LA we're Banda rap, Chicano Rock, Corrido, Latin jazz, Latin Rock. The vigorous R&B, rock and roll, punk and hip-hop scenes of L.A.’s Chicano Eastside have helped shape American popular music, even as the constant infusion of immigrant laborers from Mexico and Central America continue to provide new musical ideas and identities. Almost half of Los Angeles County’s 9 million residents are
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In recent decades, the population of Dominican immigrants rose sharply. Caribbean Latinos, many of whom are of African descent, have also had extensive musical exchange with African Americans in New
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