How Did Lawrence Sperry Influenced The Invention Of Aviation

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A young 15 year old boy in the year of 1909, had attended an airshow that would change his goals and dreams forever. Lawrence Sperry was very adventurous and intelligent, he was fascinated by the aviation work and craft. In Mineola, New York, Lawrence and his brother were discovering new fancies about aircrafts that they never knew at an airshow. Full of curiosity and hope, the Sperry brothers built their own version of the Voisin in their basement, but realized after the final touches that they could not fit the wings out. They even manufactured their own steam box. Although they were very smart kids, they were still very inexperienced with flying. This plane did not have an engine but was built as a glider. Still curious, they flew up to 150ft of altitude before crashing. Elmer and Zula Sperry (father and mother) were convinced that Lawrence would need flying lessons to become a very successful pilot.…show more content…
The Sperry Company was a joint venture with Glenn Curtiss runned by Sperry. He was mounting and testing his autopilot on a new C-2 flying boat. On August 30, was the first successful test of the autopilot system at Hammondsport, New York. Lawrence removed his hands while flying and the gyroscopic automatic stabilizing device worked properly and everyone was
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