How Did Lehmann Cause If The Earths Inner Temperature Is Too Hot?

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Kaira Davis 3rd period 9/19/17 Dr.Inge Lehmann, Danish Seismologist Dr.Inge Lehmann was born on May 13,1888 in Copenhagen,Denmark to well rounded parents.Both her parents were from prominent families;Her father Alfred Lehmann was well educated and well respected he worked as Psychology Professor. Inge’s mother Ida Sophie Torsleff was a housewife she took care of Inge’s younger sister,Harriet Lehmann. Inge’s paternal grandfather laid the first telegraph cables in Denmark in 1854 her maternal grandfather was the Governor of The National Bank of Denmark.Inge was shy and very introvert she had a very happy and relaxed childhood.Inge was married to her work and her theories were her children, she never got married or had any children as a result all assets were left to The University of Copenhagen when she died on February 21,1993 at the age of 104. Inge had the longest life of any female scientist. Inge’s most important contribution was the Lehmann Discontinuity theory which states that the earth has a solid inner core inside molten outer core.How did Lehmann come up with this theory if the earths inner temperature is too hot? Inge used data she analyzed from a earthquake’s intensity in two different…show more content…
Inge’s theory also helped us to better prepare for an earthquake because it helped us to identify its intensity it also changed how buildings were built to better suit earthquake conditions. Inge’s theory was really important because without it we wouldn’t have very good building structures, which would affect the death toll and damage caused just by
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