How Did Leonardo Da Vinci Reflect Renaissance Ideas

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How did Leonardo Da Vinci’s works reflect Renaissance ideas?

Dennis Hsu

Dennis Hsu
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Between the 14th and 17th century, Europe witnessed a dramatic change in the way people looked at the world, in the form of arts. That period, known as the Renaissance, came directly after the Middle Ages. During the Renaissance, people began to shift away from the medieval lifestyle. This change of ideas was due to the Black Death and the decline of Feudalism, which led to the mass movement of people to cities. At this period of time, Leonardo Da Vinci was born. Leonardo Da Vinci was a well-known artist whose art works focused on a great variety of topics including kings,
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In this painting, Da Vinci portrays a simple, ordinary woman. The Mona Lisa is one of the most well-known of Da Vinci’s work. As the title suggests, the subject of the painting is an ordinary woman named Lisa Gherardini. The painting is the most characteristic of the smile the subject held on her face, creating a joyful atmosphere. One of the main art technique found in this painting is the use of light and shadow. Mona Lisa’s hair, the skin color and the clothing on Mona Lisa, were all illustrated using dramatic contrast between the light and the dark, accompanied by the variation of tones and colors, to make the subject appear to be glowing. Landscape, to Da Vinci, symbolizes nature’s wildness, the immense and pureness of human life. The background of this painting, which consists of Rocky Mountains, rivers, valleys, add on more naturalistic elements to the entire paintings. To sum up, the art techniques used in the Mona lisa resonated with the naturalistic artistic style at that moment and was used to highlight the main character- Mona Lisa, conveying…show more content…
In these artworks, Da Vinci utilizes the Renaissance art techniques to illuminate individuals such as Gian Giacomo Trivulzio, Lisa Gherardini, and Cecilia Gallerani, and displayed the progress human had made. However, some of his works, such as the Adoration of the Magi, remained unfinished. Two Italian painters, Vasari and Lomazzo, once said that “when the master painted, he appeared to be hindered by the fear of not being able to execute his ideas, as his mind was filled with the sublimity of art.” This was because Da Vinci’s ideas were too ideal to be carried out, even with his enormous amount of skills. All in all, Leonardo’s artworks clearly demonstrated the Renaissance ideas of individualism and intellectual advancements through his use of art techniques that adhered to
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