How Did Louis Pasteur Contribute To Society

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Many people wonder who made a more significant contribution to society,Marie Curie or Louis Pasteur. Well, i'm here to voice my opinion to you all. Marie Curie was an spectacular at her studies when she was younger. Being born in Poland, opportunities for studies were limited so she went to Paris. After working as a governess, she studied in Sorbonne, Paris. She struggled to learn in French, so she studied more and more. She eventually got a degree in physics and finished at the top of her school. After that she got a degree in math. In Paris,she met Pierre Curie who was the chief of a laboratory. He was a renowned chemist. Pierre liked young Marie and asked her to marry him. He sure had to beg and finally, she relented. She discovered two elements in her studies radium and polonium. Radium made x-rays, which helped in world war 1 and are still used today. Marie later died from cancer because of her studies with radium.…show more content…
He was a hard working student, but not the best. He received a doctorate degree in 1847. He also spent lots of time related to research on tartrate acid. He found different ways to kill many different germs. He found cures for rabies and anthrax and found a way to pasteurize milk. That saved many lives. In conclusion, I think that Louis Pasteur had the most significant contributions to society because if it was not for him, we would not have pets without rabies and we wound have no milk. That's my opinion...whats
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