How Did Macbeth Kill Fleance

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I had to do it. I had to kill Fleance if I wanted to remain king. Lady Macbeth and I both agreed that I couldn’t do it myself, so we decided to hire 2 murderers. Banquo had mentioned something earlier in the day about traveling with his son Fleance that night. That was the perfect opportunity it was late and they would be traveling alone. Lady Macbeth and I both decided that was a good idea and went out to town to hire 2 murderers. The plan was that as Banquo and Fleance were traveling the murders would stab them. This seemed like a good plan. I even had hired a 3rd murderer to make sure the job was done. Later that day we also had the banquet, but all I could think about was what was going on with Banquo and Fleance.

But it didn’t work.
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