How Did Maggiore Church Survive?

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The San Giorgio Maggiore Church is located at Isola di S.Giorgio Maggiore, 30133 Venezia,Italy. It first began construction in 1566 and was completed in 1610 this Roman Catholic church is located directly across from the Grand Canal(page 649-high and late renaissance).The first design of the church did not survive. Andrea Palladio born in November 30,1508 and died in august of 1580 he was an Italian architect and was called the greatest architect of the sixteenth century in northern Italy. In 1570 “The Four books of Architecture, made Andrea one of the most influential figures in western art history”(Encyclopædia Britannica) After he passed in 1580 Vincenzo Scamozzi took over the build of the church until 1610 when it was finished.In venice

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